Interview with Christopher Leuba

Below are excerpts from an interview with Christopher Leuba conducted by Howard Sanner. They are posted here with Mr. Leuba's kind permission. All are copyright © 2011 by Christopher Leuba and Howard Sanner. All Rights Reserved. They appear here by kind permission of Mr. Leuba. Any further use of these recordings without written permission of Christopher Leuba and Howard Sanner is prohibited.

The interview took place on 7 September 2011. Mr. Leuba was at Full-Track Productions, a Seattle recording studio that specializes in interview and voice over recordings. I talked with him by telephone from my home on the opposite side of the country. The recording engineer was David Dintenfass, owner of Full-Track Productions, who also made the initial contact with Mr. Leuba about the interview. Matt Lutthans, another Seattle-area recording engineer and a former Leuba student, was on hand to pose additional questions based on his experiences studying with Mr. Leuba.

My thanks to Mr. Leuba for being so generous with his time, memories, and experience, and to David Dintenfass and Matt Lutthans for their help in realizing this project.

Please note that two tracks below contain words that many would consider "bad" or "dirty." They are clearly marked. It is unlikely that either track will expand the vocabulary of an adult native speaker of English, and the words are not used gratuitously. However, those who are offended by such language should not to listen to these tracks, and parents of young children are advised to listen to the tracks before letting their children hear them.

Part One, Streamed in One Large Chunk (1:20:40)

Part One, Divided into Individual Topics

Chris Leuba and Matt Lutthans.

Chris Leuba and Matt Lutthans at Full-Track Productions

Part Two, Streamed in One Large Chunk (1:33:14)

Part Two, Divided into Individual Topics

Chris Leuba and Matt Lutthans.

Chris Leuba and Matt Lutthans during the interview

Chris Leuba demonstrates the Leuba Lick.

Chris Leuba demonstrates the "Leuba Lick"

Short video of Chris Leuba demonstrating the "Leuba Lick"

cat on a chair

The chief engineer relaxes after a long recording session

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