IHS Workshop, Bloomington, Ind., 12-16 Jun 1972

The recordings below come from a two-disc LP set issued shortly after the workshop. I do not have any recordings from the workshop other than these. (I know attendees recorded at least some of the other performances, e.g., the CSO section's performance of the Konzertstück, because I heard them playing it back in the lobby! I would love to acquire any additional recordings that still exist, since I attended that workshop.)

Tracklists in Word format, in case you want to burn a CD. The whole thing is just slightly too long to fit on one CD.

Links to the individual tracks. Note that these files are 16 bit, 44.1 KHz (i.e., CD quality) WAV files and will take a while to download even with a fast Internet connection.

Created: 1 Mar 2018